A Special 6 Month Thank You to Readers, Partners and Sponsors

By on March 13, 2014

We at Pets in Omaha have recently reached our 6 month mark and so many good things have happened in that short time. We would like to thank our readers, followers, partners and sponsors for helping us along the way. Without you, we would not be able to accomplish the things we have.

We have made many friends and have had the pleasure of meeting their four-legged “kids.” We have a learned a great deal that we didn’t know prior to tackling this mission as well. Our Pet Partners are business people inside and out of the pet industry and all care about animals and their well-being. They have allowed us to do what we do, promote sponsors and support humane societies by spreading the word about the great work they do in trying to place homeless pets in loving homes.

We strive towards getting these hard-working folks the exposure they deserve and will continue to do so. We enjoy letting our readers know when there are pet events and fundraisers. We have been able to help raise funds for a shelter that, in the coldest part of January, lost its heating system. We have helped lost pets get found. We have helped pets find new homes. We have just begun and we are confident that we will complete our mission of increasing adoption and helping pet owners.

We have also enjoyed interviewing local pet people, sharing their stories and growing our pet community. We need and appreciate your support as we move ahead to bring you timely information, helpful pet news and ideas.

Thanks again for your support. Together, we can make our pet community the best it can be.


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