Spring is here! Prepare your pets for potential pitfalls

By on March 24, 2014

Here in Omaha, we’ve seen 50s, 60s and even a couple of days where we’ve touched 70 degrees. That’s a far cry from the snow we saw of March 1. Knowing that the calendar says spring has started (officially), we’d like to share a few tips for preparing your animals for all the things that come with warmer weather and springtime, outdoor activities.

Pure Life 4 Pets is a Web site that provides information to pet owners about the health of animals (all the while selling their “supplements”) and has given us a few tips as spring approaches. Read the entire article here or take a peek at a summary we’ve provided below.

  • Wash your pet’s feet after running around in the nice spring weather. Sure- this will help keep your house clean, but that’s not the main reason you should be doing this. With spring comes planting, seeding, fertilizing, application of pre-emergents and pesticides to many of the surrounding green areas. If your animal has been plodding through the neighbor’s garden or dashing across the freshly sprayed yard, it has probably been exposed to some sort of toxic chemical used to promote a pretty lawn or healthy plants. Rinse feet and prevent your pups and kitties from ingesting anything harmful.
  • Shed those unwanted (and unnecessary) winter pounds as the weather warms. It is not uncommon for you and your pet to pack on a couple of lbs. through the chilly months of the year. We do this because we aren’t quite as active during this time and because our bodies try to insulate and keep warm. When the spring and summer months come, those extra few pounds are not needed and can actually make life a little harder than it should be. Shedding those pounds will result in you and your pets looking fit and trim and, more importantly, lessen risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and other things that come with being overweight.
  • Cut that hair! In the winter, we grow beards. We let the hair grow out a bit more to keep our heads warm. But when spring arrives, we suddenly feel liberated and want to move on to that shorter cut that keeps us cool and looking fresh. Cats and dogs naturally develop thicker coats through the winter as it helps them stay warm. Conversely, thicker coats in the spring and summer are unnecessary and maybe even dangerous. Having a winter coat on in the summer doesn’t make sense for you or your pets. Give your dog a trim, brush your kitty thoroughly and help animals stay cool as temps rise.
  • Be aware of allergies and be proactive. When the weather changes, we often get sinus issues, hayfever, and other allergic-type symptoms. Pets can have these things happen also. A visit to the vet can alleviate problems your pets have, just like a visit to your doctor can help figure out how to manage your sniffles. The aforementioned Web site also suggests that you take an Omega 3 supplement to ward off allergies. Whether that’s proven or not, we’re not sure, but take it or leave it.
  • Lastly, get out and enjoy the weather. Time with your pet is irreplaceable. Exercise is good for everyone and the warmer weather means more folks outside to meet and socialize with. After a long winter, we’re sure this isn’t something you forgot about…Get out and enjoy spring with your animals and be safe by following the above pet safety tips.

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