Spring is here- Tips on restoring cleanliness despite pets!

By on March 30, 2018

If you’re anything like us, you’re eager to rush outside to enjoy the improving weather. You’re also torn on whether to go out because the windows that were cold all winter and the rugs leading in from outside are smudgy, coated with pet hair, and needing some attention.

Luckily, there are some simple things you can do to help the situation. By brushing, washing your pets, and having the right tools around, you can clean up and quickly move on to more enjoyable things like the best pet events happening around town.

We’ve got some archived stories below that you’ll want to check out, but you’ll definitely do yourself a favor by reading this guide to removing pet hair from your home from guest contributor, Gemma Tyler.

Among other helpful tips, Gemma says that grooming once per week is important this time of year. Also important is to know how and when your animals shed. If you can do these maintenance tasks, you’ll save some time later.

Also, using the best tools is helpful. And that means using the top-rated products AND the correct ones for your animals.

Read the help we’ve given below and be sure to check out Gemma’s guide above. She even has a quick resource table that takes you straight to the task you’re wanting to complete (i.e. removing hair from the bed).

Happy Spring!

One last resource: Gemma from smartvacuums.co.uk has also written us a couple of tips- find them below.

5 Great Hacks for Removing Pet Hair from Your Home

We love our pets, and they are a part of our family from the moment we bring them home. However, the amount of fluff that they leave behind can become overwhelming if you don’t stay on top of things.
It can seem like the fur trail will never end, especially during moulting season, but we have five nifty hacks that will help you remove pet hair from your home in a more effective manner. Take a look below and see if any of these tips and tricks can help you towards a home free from fluff.

#1 Rubber Brooms
These are an absolute lifesaver, especially if you have hard floors. The rubber bristles work much like a squeegee to collect and drag the hair towards a corner of your choice, ready to be swept up and placed in the bin. They grab big and small deposits of hair effectively, and are great to use before vacuuming so that you don’t end up blocking the hose of your vacuum cleaner with large hair clumps. They are also good for quick clean-ups before you have guests come to visit.

#2 Rubber Grooming Glove
This is both a fun and handy way to groom your pets using your hand. The rubber glove is covered in little bumps that collect the loose fur from your pet efficiently and without causing them any discomfort. So, all you need to do is stroke your cat or dog, and all the loose fur will come off with ease, preventing it from falling onto the floor or your furniture. Interestingly, the glove also makes for a great cleaning tool for things like your sofa, and can be used to collect the fluff from it.

#3 Vacuum Regularly
This is one of the most effective ways to collect pet hair, and the amount you need to vacuum really depends on your pet situation. If you have multiple pets, vacuuming once a day is often the best way to keep pet hair at bay.
If you only have one pet that doesn’t shed or moult too much, then you can get away with a couple of times a week. Essentially, the more pets (or pets that shed a lot) you have, the more you need to vacuum if you want a fluff-free zone.

#4 Wash Their Bedding
Pet bedding collects everything, from tonnes of hair to a deep pet odour that can get out of hand if not washed on a regular basis. If you keep their bedding washed and clean, less hair will be collected on it, and you will have an easier time keeping the home clean. You can also put washable blankets and throws on your furniture to prevent hair and fluff from invading your cushions.

#5 The Lint Roller
This is an excellent contraption, and one that every pet owner should have. The sticky lint roller can do an amazing job of keeping your clothes clean, but you can also use it on carpets and furniture for quick cleaning tasks and to stay on top of the hair situation in your home.
All you need to do is roll it across the surface in question, and the hair will be collected. They are also really cheap, and there is a whole range of them to choose from – including both Velcro and regular sticky paper styles.
Hopefully, this has given you a good idea for how to keep your home as fur free as possible, even when you have loads of pets challenging your clean ideals – and we all know how frustrating that can be. From grooming gloves to rubber brooms, at least one of these hacks is sure to help you keep your home a little less fluffy than it already is.




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