Super Bowl Sunday features Animals, too!

By on January 31, 2015

With the millions of people around the world who will be turning their attention to the television on Super Bowl Sunday, there’s no wonder Animal Planet, Budweiser and others are attempting to touch their hearts through playing puppies, tiny kittens and emotional commercials.

In the week leading up to the Super Bowl, much buzz has been made about two dog-themed commercials. First, was planning on a commercial in which a lost pup who finally found his way home gets his heartbroken as he learns he’s been sold online. Animal adoption advocates objected to the nature of the commercial saying it promotes practices that aren’t ideal when attempting to place animals in loving homes. Budweiser was a bit more savvy and came up with this gem.

In the hours leading up to the big game, one can fill one’s face with all kinds of tasty treats while watching pundits discuss the merits of a dual-threat quarterback and a cerebral head coach. There will plenty of analysis to be found pre-game. If you are going to be in front of the television but don’t necessarily want to see former coaches and players immersing themselves in a game they aren’t playing in or calling, tune your set over to Animal Planet.

The “Puppy Bowl” has been a popular and welcome sight to animal lovers for years on the cable network. This year’s edition will air at 3/2 Central and is sure to be cute as ever. If you’d like to scout the pups before the game, click here to see the players. If you are a Twitter user, use and watch for the hashtag #PuppyBowl to follow along with fellow viewers.

Not to be outdone, kittens will be romping in their own game of cuteness. At noon/11 Central on the Hallmark Channel, the 2015 Kitten Bowl will be a must-watch for kitty lovers. For more information about the Kitty Bowl, including how you can view Kitty Cam, meet the contestants and buy merchandise, click on over to the Official Kitten Bowl Website.

There you go! Your Super Bowl Sunday is all set up for you. Kittens for lunch, Puppies in the afternoon and the big game in the evening. You are welcome.

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