Teach Kids to be Safe Around Dogs with “Good Dog in a Box”

By on October 4, 2016

Good Dog in a Box is a wonderful website that recently permitted Pets in Omaha to share its great educational content for kids and adults with pets.

What is Good Dog in a Box?

Here are its core beliefs:

1. Keep dogs and kids safe through education, awareness, and advocacy.

2. Reduce the number of family dogs surrendered at animal shelters.

3. Promote positive, reward-based training techniques that are family and kid-friendly.

4. Have fun and enjoy animals of all kinds.

A quick visit to Good Dog in A Box’s website will show you many informative articles, educational infographics, and fun activities you can do with your kids. Click here to browse the site.
Here are a couple of infographics the site displays in order for you to play safe and prevent dog bites. Check out this site for more!




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