The most popular dog names of 2013

By on December 5, 2013

As 2013 winds down, we can expect all kinds of “best of” or “most popular” lists to be published regarding names, trends, activities and other parts of our culture. Yahoo! “Shine” has just posted the list of most popular puppy names for the year.

Is your choice for your pup on the list? If it is, you surely aren’t alone in your choosing. If it’s not, we’d love to hear what your new dog’s name is and why you’ve picked it. Leave a comment or tweet us @PetsInOmaha. We’d be happy to hear and even share your stories!

If you’d like to read the entire article highlighting the most popular puppy names, click here.

Photo credit: Yahoo! Shine (list) (puppy)

Here’s the list:


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