Here are the Top Dog Names of 2016

By on December 11, 2016

Each year, regardless of whatever “thing” you are interested in, there’s always the ubiquitous Top 10 or “Best of” list. Pet names are no different and has recently released the most popular dog names from 2016.

After reading a few different posts reacting to the name news, here’s what’s interesting:

  • A number of the top pet names are also the most popular names given to newborn human babies. In fact, the top two female dog names of the year are the top two human baby names.
  • Cultural happenings (cinema, celebrities, popular trends) definitely had an effect on how people named their new puppies. An example: if you remember how nuts the world went over Pokemon GO! earlier this year, you won’t be surprised to know that characters from the popular mobile app had their names borrowed for new pets.
  • Related to the first interesting fact, the rates at which we are naming our dogs things like “Fido” or “Fluffy” are dropping significantly. Cutesy things and unique names are on the uptick.
  • Trends overall are being used as inspiration for pet names. Like eating Kale? Many people are taking a liking to the stiff, green food. At the same time, 2016 saw “Kale” become a much more popular name. Strange but true.

Here are the top ten male dog names from 2016:

1. Max

2. Charlie

3. Buddy

4. Cooper

5. Jack

6. Rocky

7. Bear

8. Duke

9. Toby

10. Tucker


And here are the top ten female dog names for 2016:

1. Bella

2. Lucy

3. Daisy

4. Lola

5. Luna

6. Molly

7. Sadie

8. Sophie

9. Bailey

10. Maggie


In related news, cats all over the world are rolling their eyes at dogs, dog owners, and people who collect data on the popularity of this name or that.

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