Unwanted, excess dog hair in your home? Here’s some help

By on March 27, 2017

Here’s a tip:

If you see a headline that says something like “How to keep your cat from chirping at the birds outside,” or “How to keep your duck from swimming,” alarms should go off in your head. These things won’t and can’t happen. Just like when one website we read titled a story, “How to stop dogs from shedding.” We’re sorry to say that dogs don’t and can’t stop shedding. We are thankful, though, that the website claiming it can help you stop your dog from shedding tells readers in line 1 that this isn’t possible.

And though it’s not possible, one can minimize the amount of excess dog hair that is found floating around the house. And the car. And everywhere else. Here are some tips on caring for coats and cutting down on the flying hair from Top Dog Tips.

  • Brushing your dog’s coat with a brushing tool made especially for a pup’s coat is the best way to groom and home and get rid of extra hair. There are many tools, like the Furminator or the Magic Pro Deshedding Tool, so get the one that is best for your dog’s coat. Instructions, reviews, and supply stores will be helpful in picking the right one.
  • The best time to brush your dog is after a bath.
  • Don’t use these tools to try to remove tangles. It will hurt your pup! Also, don’t press down and rake the fur. Let the tool do the work. These things are made for brushing a dog’s fur, so they will do the trick without your muscle.
  • Daily brushing helps tremendously. Even if it’s for a couple minutes, this will prove beneficial on a daily and long term basis.
  • Brush outside, for obvious reasons. If you must do it inside, brush on a hard surface that’s easy to clean. This will save you a headache or two.
  • Wash the tool when you are done with each brushing. Stuff can build up on the tool and a clean one will always produce better results.

There are plenty of resources out there, especially when it comes to reviews, testimonials, and head-to-head product comparisons. The Top Dog Tips link above includes a helpful video and a bunch of links to helpful info, especially about picking a brushing tool.

Good luck and brush away!


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