Vacationing with your pet- its benefits and how to do it responsibly

By on July 17, 2013

Traveling and exploring new places is one of the greatest experiences you can have in your lifetime. Traveling with your pet can make your trip even better, but it can also be difficult if you aren’t prepared. The benefits of having a pet are endless, but one magnificent benefit could turn out to be taking a nice summer trip with your little loved ones. Read these tips and suggestions we’ve compiled on how to travel safely with your pet, prepare for whatever you may encounter, and keep everyone happy and taken care of.

A recent article from a vacation Web site highlights seven things you should consider before and during your trip, pet in tow. Laura Hoot of offers these tips and we agree with her as she thinks ahead and considers some very likely situations you could encounter:

  • First, decide whether you’ll want to take a destination vacation where your animal won’t quite fit. If you will be out and about most of the day where your pet can’t tag along, definitely get a pet sitter back home or place your animal in a reputable boarding place. Leaving a pet in a hotel room or car all day is simply a bad idea.
  • Do your research when booking accommodations. Is your destination pet-friendly? What are the rules and regulations for keeping your pet in the rental home, hotel room, etc. Making your pet feel comfortable in its home away from home is also important. Read reviews about travelers who have taken their pets to different locales and gauge whether your destination and accommodations will be suitable and conducive to keeping everyone happy.
  • Schedule a quick health check-up for your pet before heading off for your getaway. Making sure your pet is healthy enough to travel is important for one, but secondly, some airlines want to know that they won’t have any trouble with your animal while flying. Getting a simple check-up can’t do any harm, so why not check out your pet’s health before heading out?
  • Make sure your pet is microchipped or tagged with some sort of identification. Having the dog or cat run away from your real home is one thing- your local animal organizations, friends, and neighbors can easily help you find your lost pet, but having your animal loose in a strange place is a definitely larger cause for concern.
  • Pack everything you may or could possibly ever need for your animal and its care. Whatever you use at home, you’ll want to bring with you whether its on a plane or in the car. Medication, leashes, food and water supplies, waste pick-up materials, and everything else you can think of will probably be needed while you are traveling with your pet.
  • If flying, ask if your pet is allowed in the cabin or relegated to cargo. This may be important to you, so don’t neglect this question and get a big surprise upon arrival to the airport. If you are taking a road trip, consider the number of stops you’ll have to make to accommodate your pet. You may be able to “hold it” through an entire tank of gas, but maybe your dog can’t. Also, make sure there are plenty of rest stops along the way to walk around with your pet and release some of the energy they aren’t spending by riding in the car.
  • Lastly, the article recommends that your behavior (and your animal’s) be at its best. Not everyone loves your animal like you do. Make sure not to be a disturbance, make sure to adhere to hotel rules about pets, make sure you get your pet deposit back by caring for the place you are staying in, and observe any local rules about leashes, muzzles, waste pick-up, and more. Be considerate- we know you will be, but just a little reminder…

As we continue to explore the benefits of owning a pet, we’ve got some reasons that you should definitely consider when planning your vacation and deciding whether to bring your animals.

Peace of mind is sometimes hard to find- especially when it comes to health and safety. Leaving for a week or two can be stressful as you are missing work, not home to take care of the house as you normally would, and especially worrying about your pets if they are left with a sitter or in a boarding house. Do your research, prepare properly, and take your pet with you! Even if the trip is a little scary for you or your pet, you’ll be together, so things will go a little easier. Your pet will appreciate your gesture and you will benefit through comfort and happiness that bringing your pet along for the ride will provide.

Traveling alone isn’t always fun. Traveling with a partner is typically better because you are sharing your experience and making memories together. What better way to bring joy to your animal (and yourself) than making memories with your pet? Walking on the beach is nice, but walking on the beach with your dog will make it great! Hiking trails and other outdoor recreational activities are fun and good exercise for you, but also for your pet. Bring your animal along on your new journeys!

Again, the benefits of having a cat, dog, bird, or whatever you fancy as a pet are endless, but bringing them along on your travels is a great example. Next time you venture out, do your best to incorporate your furry friends. They’ll appreciate your care and comfort along the way and you’ll make great memories traversing the world with your pets.

Have a tip or story to tell about your travel experiences with pets? Comment below and share your knowledge!

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